Montycloud DAY2™ Platform is setup with Roles Based Access Control. For seamless authorization of federated identities from your identity provider to DAY2™ platform, pre-integrate DAY2™ roles with your Identity provider setup during SSO configuration

Download DAY2 Roles

In DAY2 Portal,  On DAY2 SSO configuration Wizard , under Step 3 Role Mapping, Click Download Roles JSON 

DAY2 Roles_Definition.Json will be saved locally to your computer

Update your Identity Provider DAY2 application with DAY2 Roles

Open DAY2 Roles_Definition.json and copy the content within the root node{}

In Azure AD portal, 

  1. In the Azure Active Directory pane, select App registrations to view a list of all your applications.

  2. Select the MontyCloud DAY2 application 

  3. Then select Manifest.

  4. in the Editor , under "appRoles",after the default Azure AD roles, add a comma and append the copied DAY2 Roles JSON content  

General Azure AD Application Role update information can be found here