Before patching a cloud instance, it can be advantageous to take a backup of the instance in the rare event that the patch event fails and causes the instance to become unstable.

The DAY2 platform can execute snapshots on-demand, or on a schedule, to create a rollback point prior to the patch event itself.  This KB article will walk you through creating the snapshot on-demand.

What you will need:

  • You need to know what instance(s) you want to backup
  • You need to know what to name your snapshot
  • (Optional) If you are going to enter Tags, you need to know their name

Creating a snapshot on-demand:

  1. Navigate to InfrastructureComputeServers
  2. Choose the instance(s) you want to snapshot

  3. In the menu directly above the instances, choose the 3 dots menu

  4. Choose Snapshot Volumes

  5. Enter the Snapshot Name

  6. (Optional) Enter any tags if you have them

  7. Click Create Snapshot

If you wish to create snapshots on a regular basis, you will need to create a Create Snapshot task, which can be done from the Operations menu.  (Operations → Create Task)