MontyCloud DAY2™ platform allows the admin to invite other users to the platform. This allows multiple users to access and manage the organization's cloud infrastructure from a single platform. To ensure the security of the platform, MontyCloud DAY2™ also offers multi-factor authentication (MFA) as a best practice. By enabling MFA for all users within the organization, administrators can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access and protect the organization's cloud infrastructure from potential security threats. 

Steps to invite a user:

1. Log in to DAY2 platform.

2. Click on Settings icon at the top right corner on the left.



3. Click on Users from the left menu. Any users belonging to the current scope are listed here.


4. Click on Create User at the top right . A new window to Create User is opened.

5. Fill in the details such as Name, Email and Password. Click Next


6. By default user will be attached with Project User role. If you would like to assign the user to a project and/or change the role, select Yes for Would you like to add this user to a Project? Then select the role and project you want to associate. 

7. Review the details for the role and the projects of an User. Click Create User button for completing the process.

8. When the user gets created successfully a green banner pops up at the bottom right and user will be listed in the grid.