DAY2™ now helps customers view an estimate of the monthly cost of the AWS infrastructure for the selected blueprint. The cost displayed is for informational purposes only and varies based on configurations and other external aspects.  


Customers can view the estimated costs for the blueprints available in the DAY2™ platform, and also for any custom blueprints that are imported by them. The cost values displayed for the blueprint assumes us-east-1 (N. Virginia) as the target region, and is calculated for 24x7 use of the provisioned infrastructure for an entire month (30 days)When displaying the cost, DAY2™ uses the last available configuration values set for the parameters in the blueprint 


When deploying a blueprint, the monthly estimate shown is for the target region chosen by the user. All other assumptions follow current parameter values as set by the customer. 


Cost displayed don’t include the following: 

  1. Storage related costs for S3, EFS, EBS volumes as the cost varies based on the size of your S3 bucket, or the size of the EBS volume. 
  2. Network related costs like egress charges and ingress charges as the cost varies based network related factors like data-in, data-out. 
  3. Usage related costs as the cost varies the number of requests made. 


Also note, the cost estimates displayed are for on-demand usage onlyFor example, if the customer account leverages reserved instances pricing it may not be reflected in the displayed values. 


DAY2 leverages AWS Simple Monthly Calculator and at this time does not support the services  here  under Other Services. 

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