MontyCloud’s helpdesk is a one place where customers can voice all their queries and feedback/suggestions.


Getting access to Helpdesk:

All the users under DAY2 platform account will get access to helpdesk as well. A helpdesk contact will be created to these users when-

  1. A user register for DAY2 platform account
  2. A new user is created on DAY2 platform
  3. Support agent creates a contact directly in Helpdesk.

Once the account is created, users have to activate their account by clicking on the email verification link sent to their registered email ID.

Note: In case if the user hasn’t received the verification email, they can request for one by creating a support ticket from DAY2 platform or sending an email query at


Creating a support ticket:

A support ticket will be created when-

  1. Customer sends an email query to
  2. Customer logs into Helpdesk portal and creates a ticket
  3. Agent logs into Helpdesk and creates a ticket on behalf of customer
  4. Customer logs into DAY2 platform and logs bugs/feedback

Viewing status of the support ticket:

Both customers and agents can view the status of a ticket by logging into Helpdesk.

Note: Customers can only view the status of the tickets associated on user level and not on organization level. (Limited to tickets created by logged in user.)