Customers can now connect Azure Active Directory to MontyCloud DAY2™ and enable users to sign in using their Azure AD credentials to deploy, operate and manage their cloud applications.  This makes it easier for administrators to grant access to their enterprise teams and provide a frictionless enterprise sign-in experience with single-click access to the DAY2 platform.

What do I need to get started?

To complete or update Single Sign-On configuration, you will require both administrator privileges to the Identity Provider, and Full Admin rights to your DAY2™ tenant. 

Follow the deployment instructions for your IDP below:

As more Identity Providers are supported, they will be added to this document.

What is supported by DAY2™?

  • Service Provider initiated logins
  • SAML 2.0 for Azure Active Directory
  • Just In Time user provisioning

What if I want to configure an Identity Provider other than Azure?

As of September 2020, while DAY2™ supports Azure Active Directory, the open format of SAML can support integration with other Identity Providers.  Please contact MontyCloud by opening a support ticket to discuss SAML configuration & testing against your choice of identity provider.