Customers can now connect their Identity Provider such as Azure Active Directory, Okta to MontyCloud DAY2™ and enable users to sign in using their single sign-on credentials to deploy, operate and manage their cloud environments.  This makes it easier for cloud administrators to grant access to their enterprise teams and provide frictionless enterprise sign-in experience to MontyCloud DAY2™.

What do I need to get started?

To complete or update Single Sign-On configuration, you will require the following 

  1. Admin privileges to your organization Identity provider for ex: Okta Admin, Azure AD Administrator
  2. Admin privileges to your organization domain server that trust and verifies other SAAS app domains
  3. Cloud Admin privileges to your DAY2™ organization in Montycloud DAY2™ portal

Follow the configuration instructions for your Identity Provider (IDP) below:

As more Identity Providers are supported, they will be added to this document.

What is supported by DAY2™ Single Sign-On ?

  • Service Provider (SP) initiated logins
  • SAML 2.0 Authentication
  • Just In Time user provisioning
  • Supported Identity Providers are Azure AD and Okta

What if I want to configure an Identity Provider other than the supported ones ?

The open format of SAML can support integration with other Identity Providers.  Please contact MontyCloud by creating a support ticket to discuss SAML configuration & testing against your choice of identity provider.